Thursday, December 6, 2007

Luddite Loves E-books!

I confess to being the resident Luddite on this blog. I even looked up the word "Luddite" in my (paper or "dead tree") dictionary and found it defined as relating to one Ned Ludd, a workman who destroyed machinery, more broadly applied to those who oppose technological change. And yet, I must also confess, I can't wait to return to reading Vanity Fair on my Sony Reader.

Yep, I said "my Sony Reader." Ah, the kinder, gentler era of Vanity Fair. Who can resist? I can't, especially when I can flip the pages of my electronic reader with one fingertip.

It all started when an online publishing company called E-Reads offered to print twelve of my out-of-print Kate Jasper murder mysteries as e-books. "E" as in electronic. I could smell electrons sparking dangerously. But I could smell virtual paper too. Books that hadn't been on the shelves for too long would become available again. And they wouldn't even need a shelf. I found out E-Reads offered titles in almost all fiction genres and these were available from a host of online retailers.

Even for a woman who doesn't own a cell phone or a television, the idea was irresistible. And, of course, we had to have a Sony Reader to test the process. Was it possible to read electronically? Wuthering Heights went by so fast I forgot to ask the question. And Frankenstein and Wives and Daughters. I'm addicted. My fingers won't stop flying.

From my writing keyboard to the buttons on my Sony Reader. I'm a goner. Is it true love or a trifling affection? Only time...and words...will tell.



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